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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  February 17, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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the restroom and hijacked the flight. >> they landed in switzerland. >> the co-pilot was seeking asylum because he faced some sort of danger at home in ethiopia. the flight was headed for rome. italian fighter jets escorted the plane until it entered swiss airspace. >> from san francisco, police are looking for the gunman who shot and wonned a man on market street not far from the powell street bart station. abc7 news cover is in san francisco with more. >> good morning, a man is fighting for his life and the search is on for the suspect would fired two shots in front of the westfield mall on market street. the victim stumbled down the stairs and collapsed. this created a lot of chaos an the busy shopping center last
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night. the stores were closed on the ground level to the mall and it caused the bart and muni station to be shut down while police investigated. the victim has life threatening injuries in the hospital. witnesses described the chaos. >> running down the subway and i come here and i see a man shooting in the street. >> the police do not know what led up to the shooting. the suspect is still at large. police are asking anyone with information to call. >> the shooting outside the powell station was the latest incident to force a closing. saturday, a man was hit and killed by a muni train and now identified as 55-year-old michael mendez, a transient who fell from the platform on the
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tracks in front of a train. hue any service was closed for four hours. it could be days before coroners determine the cause of death for a woman whose burning body was found in a park. the body was still burn when police get this on saturday night at the entrance to the regional park near oakland's mount clair neighborhood. >> this area is remote and probably the people disposing of the body were looking for someplace where no one would pay attention. >> an autopsy is scheduled tomorrow. officials acknowledge that the identification process could be difficult. >> developing news in fairly, police are trying to fine the killer of a 16-year-old girl. she died after being shot early saturday morning. neighbors reported hear gunshots around 1:00 o'clock in the morning and investigators have
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not said why anyone might want to kill her. officers found her body along the railroad tracks behind the apartment complex where she lives on phoenix drive. at 5:00, amy hollyfield will have a report on how the community is reacting. >> in san jose, a drive-by shooting put a man and woman in the hospital at 1:20 yesterday afternoon near king road. the suspect escaped in a tap four-door sedan and both victims are expected to recover. >> motorist ran over a man on a busy san jose street after 3:00 yesterday afternoon between capitol expressway and the woods drive. police say a map was fighting in the traffic lights with either a driver or passenger of a car. witnesses say someone got back in the car and ran the man over. they are looking into whether the map was stabbed during the fight. he was pronounced dead at the scene. the person or people responsible
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are still at large. we have new details in the shocking murder of a millionaire technical investor inside his silicon valley home. he was killed november 2012 in an apparent home invasion robbery at his mansion. one of those charged in the kill believed he told $30,000 from him and that could have been a motive. a prostitute and two others are charged and held without bail. >> sheriff deputies in monterey have arrest the manager of a central coast golf club owned by clint eastwood. the 48-year-old morton is accused of embezzling $34,000 from the golf club located in the carmel area. deputies took the man into custody on saturday. >> now to the roof and check out the weather with mike nicco.
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is this sprinkles or mist? >> probably a little bit of mist. this is hardly a cloud. it is clear in most areas. this could be a little bit of cloud cover along the coast trying to move over the peninsula. because of the lack of cloud cover, we are dealing with temperatures anywhere from five to 13 degrees cooler than just 24 hours ago so dress warmly. now a look at the temperatures, we are going to be in the 30's onland, low-to-mid 40's around the bay and the coast through 7:00. we will have the high clouds start to stream in as the storm system passes to our north. we will have temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50's at noon. mid-50's at 4:00. low 60's elsewhere. pretty comfort am day. we will have lazy clouds in the evening hours and low-to-mid 50's. here is the three day forecast: we have a small chance of light rain tuesday night into wednesday morning. otherwise it will be pretty dry with temperatures close to
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average on thursday and we will see a warming trend and the coming weekend, all ahead in the next forecast. leyla gulen has an update on the commute. >> good morning, everyone, at 4:36 at president's day it is light. we will talk about the mass transit because we erupting on a weekend schedule for many of the mass transit agencies. we don't have trains running yet, necessity will roll later this morning. muni is going to be on a weekend schedule but ace train is on time and three minutes early. in san jose, we look at 280 and 85, 101, everything is running on time with no accidents to report in the bay area. you could see a so-called car here or there and across the san mateo bridge, that drive takes you from hayward to foster city with taillights westbound direction but for slow downs and looking clear along the peninsula. eric and kristen?
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>> next, reclaimed water safe to use but not to drink. a city pitches a land for drought relief but not everyone is sold. >> a deadly end for the pastor who saw salvation through snakes. what he could have done to save his life. >> the science experiment that triggered a blast in a neighborhood and authorities believe it wasn't just homework students were working on. >> but, first, the tech bytes. >> your smartphone could include a mandatory "kill" switch for when it is lost. congress is considering whether to require them for all new smartphones. the mechanism blocks the devices remotely wiping out personal data and making them inoperable. kick starter has been hacked. the c.e.o. for the crowd funding website is urging useers to change their passwords. there is no evidence that credit card information is compromised. >> taco bell is going mobile testing an app to allow you to
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cover, benicia, san ramon and san mateo and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> a bizarre story from pennsylvania where a woman accused of one craigslist murder is confessing to dozens of others. 19-year-old miranda barbour said in an interview over the weekend she killed at at least 22 people and possible 100. barbour started when she was 13 part of a cult. she says the victims are in california, alaska, texas and north carolina. barbour and her husband are charged with killing man they lured through craigslist ad. the f.b.i. is investigating. >> people looking to sign up for health insurance will find themselves out of luck for now.
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the website cannot process elections. the social security administration is running an annual systems maintenance. they rely on the social security administration to verify data. the system maintenance began on saturday spends tomorrow morning. >> the city council is trying to help battling of drought approve giving treated wastewater to rangers and grape growers like this one in addition to saying the water is safe the mayor ads that the state needs to get their act together for water. >> we don't have in california a comprehensive ground water policy. that is something we need to work on. there needs to be consistency that the boards are working together on the same page. i don't think that is happening. that is a problem. >> critics say another problem is the city council assuming regional water regulators will be on board with the plane. >> 17 rural communes in
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california are in danger of running out of water in four months. this shows the water districts at risk. they serve cloverdale and sonoma county. there is go news from the sierra, a small weekend storm brought a little snow to ski resorts. this is video from the ski resort in south lake tahoe that got 9" between saturday and sunday. >> another snowstorm is moving through the midwest and in the northeast tonight. some areas could get up to .5' of snow, this morning, 11 states from the dakotas to ohio are under winter weather advisory. >> the northeast cannot catch a break: another monster storm ravaged new england coast and brought some areas a foot of snow and white out conditions from 50 miles per hour winds. 14,000 homes and businesses lost
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power, and residents are screaming "enough." >> this is not the negativing in of my childhood, a cold, harsh awfulness. cleaning up the snow is backbreaking and the plows cannot move fast enough. >> i started an sure ago and i have another two hours ahead of me. >> communes are running out of snow removal money. one city spent 80 percent of their storm budget. >> we remove snow from the downtown and when we do that, it is $30,000. >> in milwaukee crews are using sand on side streets to conserve what little salt they have left. >> if the winter does not break we will run out. it is scary. >> to the west, the problem is after launches. two more skiers were found dead
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on sunday swept away. since february 8, ten have died in avalanches. the mount days in the northwest are bracing for 7 feet of snow raising the danger of more. the system that will set russiad the west will sweep across the middle of the country and then head east bringing more snow and ice. indiana schools do not get a free pass for snow days. they will have flexibility. the state department education says schools can reschedule holidays or citizen the school year or have school on saturday the many expect to extend classes into june after harsh conditions in january. >> wait, we have school until june, anyway. that is not an extension. >> they start earlier. >> because of the harvest. >> they should be out in may? >> they should be. that is how we did it when i was in school.
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mike? >> look at the snow on live doppler 7 hd headed to indiana right now. if you are traveling through minneapolis or chicago, you could have delays. there is a winter mix in st. louis and that is the storm that will head toward the northeast. the storm track moves to the north during the overnight hours law this morning and you can see the rain is falling around portland and seattle and vancouver. at home we have patchy fog in the north bay. 1.25 mile visibility. everyone else is doing pretty well. now, the temperatures, in the city, we have mid-to-upper 40's to 52 in portrero hill. that is the exception. in the ferry building it is 48. downtown it is the same. 47 if you are coming across the golden gate bridge. we have temperatures 42 in san leandro and upper 30's showing in palo alto and santa clara and leften and walnut creek, american canyon, petaluma, this is how it looks from the east
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bay hills, the clean air is cooler. toward the east we will be partly cloudy with high clouds across the sky today and temperatures are close to average. small chance of light rain tuesday night into wednesday morning. warmer-than-average weekend is coming up. today's temperatures will be in the upper 50's along the coast. our spread from inland neighborhood to the bay is 65 in livermore and fairfield to 60, the cool spot, in san francisco. tonight, more patchy fog along the east bay shoreline and santa clara valley into the central fog and a few upper 30's and a last low-to-mid 40's until san francisco at 48. you can see the bowl of coal air over the gulf of has can and the jet stream to the north. it will stay there until it dips down tomorrow. watch the increasing clouds as we head through the day tomorrow. it is dry for both commutes and we have light rain trying to
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move into the north bay at midnight open wednesday and it falls apart to sprinkles at 3:00 or 4:00 and most of us wake up maybe a little slickness on the street but it doesn't look like we will be driving through wet weather open wednesday. scattered sprinkles with the system. when it passes this weekend we have low-to-mid 60's at the coast and upper 60's to 70 for the rest of us. it doesn't fowl like that outside. dress warmly. >> you have my endorsement to stay in bed for a little while longer and continue to hit the snooze button with an extra cup. it is quiet to president's day fought too many cars on the road at this hour. in the east bay, it is almost 5:00 so 63 miles per hour leaving tracy to live more and logging clear there as we continue to the dublin interchange, you have wide open roadways and clear along highway 84 and coming down to the sunol grade and continuing into castro
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valley along 580 to 238 a great drive, as well. no construction, either, because of the holiday and it is looking clear and top speeds. you can see from emeryville camera is the bay bridge and we have a couple of lanes taken away because of construction in the westbound direction and all cones are picked up by 5:00. cars are moving fine. >> a snake-handling pastor who was on the national geographic reality show "snake salvation," has died after being bitten at a church service. he was handling a rattlesnake at the church in kentucky and he was bitten on the hand. when the ambulance arrived workers were told he refused medical treatment and went home. >> he woke up in the hospital he would blame us. he would not go to the hospital. he told me, you get bit you die at home or god brings you through. >> the pastor upon --
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eight times before. >> kids tried to to started a fire that turned into a blast with debris flying into the backyard. police say the living room was being used as a workshop. there was evidence the boys were building homemade fireworks. experts plan to destroy the items. coming up, could the apple i-car be on the horizon? >> head west for the best, the bay area cities with the happy of the
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the new report suggests apple executives met with tesla c.e.o. to discuss a possible
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merger. the chronicle report cited an unnamed source with information about meeting and said they met last spring at apple cupertino headquarters. analysts believe acquiring tesla which is based in palo alto would give apple better long-term potential far beyond the country gadgets. and musk would be an innovator to push apple like steve jobs. apple met with a man who invented the audio to create devices predicting heart attacks. apple and tesla have not commented. >> we have all the latest olympic results for team u.s.a. and the team us are following. here is how we will handle keeping you informed. on air we will announce a spoiler alert so if you don't want to know you have time to turn away. on social media platforms, we will post results but you have to click on a link sow do not
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accidentally find out the results. we are at and always online at you can watch us each night at 11 or streaming our website. if you are watching the olympics but want to know what is happening at 11:00 use your ipad or smartphone to watch us. and we have had mist. mike, sprinkles or mist, it doesn't matter to my hair. >> it is moist. there is so much dew out there. we had snow over the weekend that stopped the slide our snow pack but it is still very low only 2 percent of what it should be for this time of the year.
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you can see the high clouds and it could be a colorful sunrise but they don't have much moisture unless you are way up north. we will have 51 in lake tahoe to 71 in fresno and low 70's around san diego and los angeles and 86 in palm springs. late hail? -- leyla gulen? >> it is quiet. no reports of didn'ts. we will see how it looks on the map the north bay through santa rosa and south to petaluma and into novato, everything is clear. accident-free this morning. to mill valley, no problems. if you are taking mass transit, bart will role at 6:00 this morning. it is on a weekend schedule as is muni. san jose and 280 northbound away from highway 17, that drive is moving smoothly. it is looking clear.
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kristen and eric? >> thanks, leyla. the next powerball jackpot is an estimated $400 million. >> there were no big winners on saturday but 151,000 in california took home between $3,000 and $6,000. the next drawing is wednesday night. each $2 ticket has 1 in 175ment chance -- 175 million chance of matching. if you want to be happy at work, look to the west coast. a study found california is home of three of the happiest cities to work that include san jose and washington, dc is second and san francisco is third. san diego came in ninth. the top three unhappiest cities to work in?
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cincinnati, orlando and indianapolis. >> a man happy to be working in san diego is using a unique technology to try to sell houses. jeff grant is using a drone to videotape a view of the properties. he thinks its helps prospective buyers get a better picture of the house but privacy spores worry of who is seeing the video while admitting this is a gray area. >> technology is increasing so rapidly privacy laws cannot keep up with this technology. the concern is that the existing privacy laws are not strong enough to ensure constitutional protection. >> experts believe the privacy versus information question will have to be settled in court. >> 12 years a slave won best picture at the film awards in london. the star won for best actor. he thanks the director for bringing it to the big screen, the true story of a free black
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man kidnapped into servitude. we are two weeks away from the oscars and abc7 news is the only play to see the show. don't miss out, sunday, march 2nd right here. next at 5:00 a.m., new demands from north bay residents over the shooting of a santa rosa team and what the community is pushing for. >> the search for the killer of a teen girl in fairfield and the mysterious details of her death. >> applauding michael sam with is more fun than ever. sees better than ever.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good monday morning on president's day. >> i am eric thomas. >> i am kristen sze. >> what kind of day will the children enjoy away from school? >> let them play outside and enjoy the dry weather while it is mild and dry. look at live doppler 7 hd, it is cold. you can see the increase in high clouds make for a colorful sunrise. we will get to the forecast as we look at sutro tower. we will look on temperatures that run in the upper 50's along the coast and low-to-mid 60's with the increase if high clouds making for a very bright day compared to over the weekend. enjoy. if you are having to go to work, you are not in good company because there is no one out there. it is


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